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How much Asians love their children

Share itFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemailOne of Peter Chitsy’s old family friend had retired from India. He was very brutal and had a very poor opinion of India. Later on in the seventies he realised how much Indian immigrants love their children. He met an Asian businessman who was mortified because his son had gone off…

Knowing India through Sabu, Forster and Southall

Share itFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemailJudith Cunningham was introduced to India through the movie ‘Sabu the Jungle Boy’, EM Foster and Bhawani Junction. Her family lived in Southall. But unlike other white families one of her cousins refused to move out of Southall and the old man is still cared for by his Sikh neighbours….

When the Maharaja offered her an egg-sized emerald

Share itFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemailJudie Brown’s aunt worked as a nurse in the British Indian army, who brought magnificently embroidered house coats from India. She once met a Maharaja on the train who offered her an egg sized emerald. But the fine English lady refused the offer.

Remembering the British Raj in India

Share itFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemailIndia meant poverty and hunger As a child in 1940s Maggie Cartier’s mother would say to her don’t leave any food on her plate because a hungry Indian child would be very happy to have that. She was fascinated by the beautifully embroidered Indian blouses that she could buy…