A short history of the rise and fall of Arvind Kejriwal

Basking in the glory of Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption crusade, Arvind Kejriwal rose like a beacon of hope. We thought a new era of clean politics had dawned.

I began to suspect him when he abandoned his mentor Anna Hazare. He never explained what happened to the substantial funds of India Against Corruption. Anna’s men hinted they were transferred to his personal NGOs.

Kejriwal promised to liberate India from the corrupt Congress regime, but soon he joined them to become the Chief Minister of Delhi. He proclaimed he was an anarchist. Yet Delhites gave him an unprecedented mandate. 

That was the beginning of his fall. His arrogance climbed to Mount Everest. His abuse became louder than fireworks.Those who questioned were dubbed as Sanghis or Modi’s agent.

Kejriwal humiliated Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, picked up pointless fights with the Lt. Governor and surrounded himself with shady businessmen and controversial journalists. He believed he could manipulate public opinion with the help of his friends in the media. He dreamed of displacing Modi by hobnobbing with some of the most corrupt and communal politicians like Lalu and Mamata.

In Punjab, he snubbed Sikh leaders and handed over the election campaign to a known alcoholic. He failed in Goa and recently in Delhi. And now his colleagues are accusing him of accepting massive bribes, shady land deals and misuse of public funds.

Kejriwal, once the flag-bearer of virtuous politics, had now morphed into a dictatorial megalomaniac who had no ideology, no policies, and no scruples.

And finally, he forgot all about Lokpal, his panacea for all political ills. Had he appointed a Lokpal, he would have been behind bars by now.



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