Dev Anand: My three love affairs

The evergreen Bollywood Super Star shares some of his life’s secrets

devIn an extensive interview with the editor Vijay Rana the evergreen Bollywood star Dev Anand shares some of the secrets of his life. He talks about his first and failed love affair with the Bollywood beauty Suraiyya. “I proposed to her … and it was a romantic disappointment that made a man out of me.”  A heartbroken Dev Anand than found comfort in the ‘aanchal’ of Kalpana Kartik. They married on the set of ‘Taxi Driver’. After that Kalpana disappeared from the films. His third love was the love of movie making, a passion that will never fade away. So who stopped his marriage with Suraiyya? Did he stop Kalpana Kartik from acting in the films and what is the secret of his evergreen image? Dev Anand answers questions that you always wanted to know from him.

Dev Anand: My journey from Lahore to stardom

In this second part Bollywood sater Dev Anand talks about his journey from Government College Lahore to Mumbai. He fondly remembers his college that he would be visiting again in March. He talks about his films like ‘Ziddi’, ‘Bazi’ and ‘Guide’. He remember his dearest friend Guru Dutt. And most important of all he reveals the philosophy of his life and the secret of his being evergreen.



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