A highly inspirational speech by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Nirmala Convent School, Vijay Rana,, NRIFM, Bulandshahr, Vijay Rana

                          President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam addressing the students of Nirmala Convent School, Bulandshahr, December, 2012 on the 50th anniversary of the school.

Narendra Modi at PBD 2015 – Full Speech in Video

Narendra Modi

“Every NRI is like a “shakti” and if the strength of the entire diaspora can be consolidated, it could become a driving force for India’s progress.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the NRIs at PBD 2015. Addressing the inauguration of the 13th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas here, the…

Indian Politics

B.R. Ambedkar: Life of the Mind & a Life in Politics


                      An extraordinary lecture by Ananya Vajpayee at the US Library of Congress on the life and times of Dr BR Ambedkar Ananya Vajpeyi presents a biography and intellectual history of B.R. Ambedkar, politician, jurist and principal architect of the constitution…

Bande Mataram sung by Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore

This is an extraordinary find Bande Mataram sung by India’s greatest poet Rabindranath Tagore. Hemendra Mohan Bose (1864-1916) opened the Talking Machine Hall in Kolkata, a shop where one could get one’s voice recorded. Bose was a sound recording expert and also had an agency to sell Edison and Pathe…

Indians in UK

SH Raza: My childhood around beautiful Narmada river

Sayed Haider Raza

Sayed Haider Raza, one of India’s greatest painters, remembers his early childhood in and around the beautiful forests of Narmada river. Syed Haider Raza was born on 22 February, 1922 in Babaria, Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. His father  Sayed Mohammed Razi was the Deputy Forest Ranger of the district and his mother was…

Former UK Minister who loves Gandhi, Ganesh and Bollywood’s ‘Mother India’


Britain’s first black cabinet minister Paul Boateng was taught by Mrs Prakash when he was growing up in Ghana. He says while living in Africa he and his parents were inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. He grew up watching the classic Indian film ‘Mother India’ and he is fond of Hindu…

Mahatma Gandhi

Amitabh Bachchan reading an extract from Mahatma Gandhi

Amitabh Bachchan, Mahatma Gandhi, Parliament Square, David Cameron, Arun Jetley, London

Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan at the unveiling of Gandhi statue in Parliament Square in London, reading an extract from Non-violent Way to World Peace by Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi Statue unveiled in Parliament Square: Watch full ceremony

Gandhi in Parliament Square

In London’s Parliament Square Gandhi comes to stands alongside his tormentors Churchill and Smuts Vijay Rana, London, 14-03-2015, “It is pleasing and heart warming to see Mahatma Gandhi, the conscience keeper of the humanity, standing in Parliament square and gazing at the Palace of Westminster whose mighty empire he helped to…


हिमालय का सन्देश : रामधारी सिंह दिनकर के स्वर में

रामधारी सिंह दिनकर

प्रस्तुत है राष्ट्रकवि रामधारी सिंह दिनकर की रचना ‘हिमालय का सन्देश’ उन्ही के स्वर में.

हिंदी दिवस पर बापू से मुलाकात; राकेश पाण्डेय


आज मुंबई एयरपोर्ट पर बापू और मैंने एक साथ अख़बार बांचा। बापू से देश के हालात पर चर्चा हुई। बापू ने कहा हिंदी अख़बार लाओ, मैंने उन्हें बताया कि एयरपोर्ट पर हिंदी अख़बार बमुश्किल मिलते है।यंहा किताब की दुकान पर केवल अंग्रेजी की किताबे दिखाई देती है, हिंदी की किताब…


Aligarh Muslim University: मैं अपने चमन का बुलबुल हूँ …

Aligarh Muslim University

A documentary by Films Division of India The Aligarh Muslim University was established in 1920. The university was founded and nurtured by the philosopher and social reformer Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Produced by Films Division of India and directed by Istiaq Khan, this 1983 documentary presents a brief history of…

गुलज़ार: ये कैसा इश्क़ है उर्दू ज़ुबां का


                  ये कैसा इश्क़ है उर्दू ज़ुबां का आँखों को वीसा नहीं लगता, सपनों की सरहद कोई नहीं  

Indian Classical

Hans Akela – Kumar Gandharva: Documentary

Kumar Gandharva

Kumar Gandharva or Shivaputra Siddharamayya Komkalimath was a Hindustani classical singer, well known for his unique vocal style and his refusal to be bound by the tradition of any gharana. A biographical documentary by the Film Division of India that throws light into some of the rarest aspects of the life…

Pt Kishan Maharaj: Ganesh Paran on tabla सुनिए पंडित किशन महाराज का जादुई तबला जो हमारी और आपकी तरह बोलता है

Pandit Kishan Maharaj

 Ganesh Paran  Invocation of Lord Ganesha. It’s a famous  traditional composition, which refers to Ganesha (the elephant-headed god, son of Shiva). The first part describes a scene where Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh sing Dhrupada, accompanied by Ganesha on the Mŗdańga. This Paran was one of Kishan Maharaj-ji’s favourites. सुनिए पंडित…


Booker Prize after seven yrs of toil and torments

Kiran Desai

Kiran Desai became the youngest woman writer to win the 2006  Man Booker Prize. In this remarkably candid interview she talks about her struggle in New York while writing her second novel ‘The Inheritance of Loss’. She pays her tribute to her mother Anita Desai who was nominated for Booker…

UR Ananthmurthy on his life and literature

UR Ananthmurthy

Udupi Rajagopalacharya Ananthamurthy, born December 21, 1932, is a leading contemporary writer in the Kannada language. He is counted among the most eminent Indian authors. A winner of India’s highest literary honour, the Jnanpith Award for the Kannada language, he was also honoured with Padma Bhushan by the Government of…


How much Asians love their children

One of Peter Chitsy’s old family friend had retired from India. He was very brutal and had a very poor opinion of India. Later on in the seventies he realised how much Indian immigrants love their children. He met an Asian businessman who was mortified because his son had gone off the…

Knowing India through Sabu, Forster and Southall


Judith Cunningham was introduced to India through the movie ‘Sabu the Jungle Boy’, EM Foster and Bhawani Junction. Her family lived in Southall. But unlike other white families one of her cousins refused to move out of Southall and the old man is still cared for by his Sikh neighbours.  …


Arjun Tendulkar’s first outing at the Lord’s

Arjun Tendulkar

                  Arjun Tendulkar, son of legendary batsman Sachin, rolled his arm over to English batsmen ahead of their second Ashes Test against Australia at Lord’s. While Arjun accompanying his father to Team India nets was an usual affair but his presence during England’s…

Dhyan Chand hat-trick for India in 1936 Berlin Olympics

Dhyan Chand, Indian Hockey Team 1936 Berlin Olympics

The Hindu Archives: Members of the 1936 Indian Olympic hockey team. As destiny would have it, the Berlin Games was to be Dhyan Chand’s third and last Olympics at the age of 31, for he had decided to retire. Undoubtedly at the peak of his prowess, he was handed the…


कबीर : ना जाने तेरा साहिब कैसा है

Shafi Faqir

                  प्रस्तुत है  पाकिस्तान के प्रसिद्ध  सिन्धी गायक शफी फ़क़ीर के स्वर में कबीर की ये प्रसिद्द रचना – ना जाने तेरा साहिब कैसा है… Kabīr (c. 1440 – c. 1518) was a mystic poet and saint of India, whose writings have greatly…

A unique Ganesha symphony


Pranamya Shirsa Devam; Gauri putram Vinayakam.. Music directors Ajay-Atul, who have composed music in films like Viruddh and Ghayab, present a unique experience for the devotees of Ganapati Bappa in the magical voice of SP Balasubranaiam. Never before the devotees of Ganapati have heard such a soulful Ganapati vandana.  …


Dr Bindeshwar Pathak: The pioneer of Sulabh sanitation movement in India

Dr Bindeshwar Pathak

Dr Bindheshwar Pathak is a prominent Indian social reformer who has devoted his life to improve the working conditions of one of India’s most discriminated communities of manual scavengers. He is the founder of  Sulabh International, a national NGO promoting clean toilets across India. Sulabh toilet complexes could be found in…

2014 Nobel Peace Prize to Kailash Satyarthi: Interview

Kailash Satyrathi

“A great moment for all those children”, Said Kailash Satyarthi  to Adam Smith, Chief Scientific Officer at Nobel Media, after he got the news that he has been awarded the world’s most prestigious award. Kailash Satyarthi said he felt “very honoured” to be awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize together with Malala…

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Bodhgaya Temple

Buddha at Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhigaya, Bihar, India

Buddha was born 563 BC in Lumbini, Nepal. As Siddhartha, he renounced his family at the age of 29 his gaining enlightenment in 534 BC and travelled and meditated in search of truth. After meditating for six years at Urubela (Buddhagaya) in Gaya, he attained Buddhatva or enlightenment. Enlightenment is a…

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